The Wooden Nickel

The Wooden Nickel
Live Edge Custom Furniture

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Adjustable Motorized Desks

Adjustable Desk Frames

We Stand Behind Our Amazing Desks. We sit behind them sometimes too. Our desks components are designed by expert furniture makers, where the craft of furniture making has been built into our culture. Our frames are sourced in the highest tolerance steel. We sourced unequaled materials and built these desks by hand in Alabama - a place that defines manufacturing excellence.

Discreet Adjustability

Adjustable Desk

Discreet Adjustability

Our team is committed to helping you create your ideal workspace. For decades we’ve built contract-grade furniture that is made to adapt to a user’s needs—and our experienced team is here to develop a plan that works for your workplace or your home office. 

The Wooden Nickel

Our goal is to create your visions, such as Dining Tables, Stools, Sofa Tables, etc, . All Live Edge Furniture is made from kiln dried wood. Each piece we make has a buffalo nickel embedded in some location. Wooden Nickel offers a wide variety of different species of wood, and custom designed bases of metal or wood for an industrial look. We welcome any custom design and size.   

The Wooden Nickel

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Woodwork and Home Designs

We make wood and metal bases. The slab is sized and finished first. We then make a base that matches the size and shape of the slab. Special orders with special sizes can be made to fit the slab. All of our stock furniture is made to standard sizes. We offer several finishes from natural metal to color paints.

We use Rust-Oleum on all the metal. To protect the floor we put metal pads, felt pads, or Plastic caps on the feet. No raw metal is ever in contact with the floor.

Special bases with wood, casters and other options can be ordered. KD bases are available. We can do bases only for your project. 

Once the finish sanding is done, we are ready to put our top coat on.

We use a hard water resistant clear finish and the number of coats depends on the table.

The table is then re-sanded for the second coat which most tables typically get 3 to 6 coats of finish. This gives the table years of use with a very rugged durability.

We normally use "Flat" but "Semi-Gloss" and "Gloss" are available.  

If the table is marked with a ___ we have it in stock. If a table has a marking of ___ then it has been sold, but we can make one similar. If we are making a new table then you can request a custom size. If it is a table that will require a lot of change, we will get you to approve the work.

We have a good stock of slabs but we don’t always have all the woods in all sizes, please check with us before you need. 

Most of our logs come from tree services and loggers.

Our logs are sawed 2 1/2" for tables, 1 1/2" for shelves, this may vary depending on the log. We air stack the wood for drying, and then place into a kiln for drying to the appropriate moisture level. After kiln drying the go into stock for production.

The Wooden Nickel

The Wooden Nickel

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THE WOODEN NICKEL - Custom Furniture from Re-Purposed Wood

Construction Zone

The Wooden Nickel Custom Furnishings

Large Dining Table, placing 6" Pegs for Stability between slabs of wood.

The Wooden Nickel Custom Furnishings

Welding a Twig Style Base for a Desk

The Wooden Nickel Custom Furnishings

Creating the Art Deco Style Base

The Wooden Nickel Custom Furniture

All our Table have to be cleaned before we can begin production.


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